Stunning Technology Creates Wind Proof Lighter

July 27, 2020

To say that Nikola Tesla is a legend of engineering and science is an understatement. Although he died in 1943, which is over 77 years ago, a large amount of his inventions are still classified by the federal government! He was so ahead of his time that we may never fully know the extent of his genius.

One of his inventions, called the Tesla Coil, is essentially like manmade lightning in a bottle, and allowed Tesla to harness the power of lightning in the palm of his hand, and use it to accomplish whatever he wanted. Although the Tesla Coil is well known, and was exhibited by Tesla decades ago, there is a little known variant of the Tesla Coil that has recently made its way into the most remarkable of tools.

You see, a traditional Tesla Coil needed thousands and thousands of volts of electricity to make it operate, and power lines a half inch thick just for it to turn on. But it turns out there’s a way to achieve a similar effect at smaller scale in a battery powered, hand-held version.

Like A Tesla Coil In The Palm Of Your Hand

This same technology has been utilized by the creators of the SurvivaLighter, which is a revolutionary new Tesla Coiled powered lighter. Originally developed for the military, this remarkable lighter was created with an insane sounding specification list by the Army who wrote:

We must have a fire starting device which must be able to:

Clearly, there was no technology on planet Earth that could meet these requirements … until now.

SurvivaLighter Is Born

Teams of military scientists and engineers were baffled by how such a lighter could possibly be made until the SurvivaLighter revealed their lastest work. What was created was something that previously did not exist on this planet, almost like alien technology. The SurvivaLighter uses a Tesla Coil coupled with a lithium ion battery to create a plasma arc. Recall from physics that there are three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. Actually, those are the ones you remember, but there is actually a fourth state of matter – plasma – and it is what lightning is made of.

SurvivaLighter is essentially a self contained lightning generator which produces a windproof, waterproof flame. Yes, you read that right – waterproof. There are lots of windproof lighters our there, but all of them require fossil fuels to work. Fossil fuels are cumbersome to carry, are highly flammable, are bad for the environment, and evaporate easily. Since the SurvivaLighter is 100% electric, and its flame is actually a plasma arc, and will stay lit even under water. Lightning still strikes while it’s raining, so why shouldn’t SurvivaLighter stay lit even under running water?

SurvivaLighter is the ‘Alpha Male’ of the lighter world. It’s a rough, tough, rugged essential tool that you simply can’t live without in today’s world.

SurvivaLighter has a powerful LED flashlight built into the bottom of the lighter housing

We Put SurvivaLighter to the Test

SurvivaLighter makes so many big claims we just had to put this lighter to the test – and we did. SurvivaLighter kindly gave us a sample and told us to be careful with it’s powerful 1800 degree flame; we threw it in our backpack and took off to Zion National Park for a week of outdoor fun.

Day 1: By evening we had setup camp and our party wanted to get a fire started as the night time temperatures were beginning to fall. Our assistant editor Brad had his trusty big brand fossil fuel lighter with him (hint: rhymes with hippo), and we flipped a coin to see who would light the fire – his, or SurvivaLighter. Brad and his brand name lighter won the coin toss.

Although Brad held his coventional open flame lighter directly under the peat moss we had used as tinder, it wouldn’t light because it was damp, and he wound up burning his hand from holding the flame at a weird angle for too long. We then tried SurvivaLighter, which immediately lit the damp moss on fire as if it had been soaked with gasoline.

Advantage: SurvivaLighter

Day 3: We went kayaking today. My assistant editor was very new to kayaking, and while trying to get on his kayak, he rolled it and plunged into the water. Of course we went to help him and also got soaked in the process. While drying off on shore later, our assistant editor Brad reached for his conventional lighter to light a smoke. Well guess what – it was a complete waterlogged mess and wouldn’t light.

SurvivaLighter, being 100% waterproof, lit the cigarette instantly.

Advantage: SurvivaLighter

Day 7: After 7 days of lighting our campfires every day since Brad’s lighter was out of action, SurvivaLighter was getting low on charge. At lunch time, we went to start our last fire of the trip to cook some food. As we went to light the fire, we pressed the button on SurvivaLighter and…..nothing. Dead. Which was OK considering in the past week SurvivaLighter had lit dozens and dozens of fires and candles.

Our assistant editor cackled with laughter at the SurvivaLighter’s failure. His big brand lighter was still waterlogged even after three days of drying. No problem, we just pulled out the SurvivaCharger, which is a solar charger that plugs into theSurvivaLighter’s USB port. Within 10 minutes it had a full charge again, and lit our fire smartly.

Advantage: SurvivaLighter

Our Concluding Thoughts

Calling this remarkable piece of technology a “lighter” does it a real disservice. This quality piece of gear and should be an essential addition to anyones bag or overall kit. When coupled with the SurvivaCharger, this combo is essentially a perpetual power generation machine which can provide nearly unlimited, clean burning plasma arc flame which will never be extinguished.

The biggest thing we were worried about was the price. This thing is made of premium materials and technology inspired by master scientist and genius Nikola Tesla, so we assumed it would not be cheap. Turns out we were wrong.

SurvivaLighter is having a temporary promotion and is selling these lighters for less than half the price of a competing products to try and get these lighters into the hands of as many Americans as possible. Supplies are extremely limited, so check availability in your area.

When we first researched this lighter, we were sure it would go for at least $100, or even $150.

You be suprised to find that you can get them right now for up to 73% Off (normally $59.99 in speciality stores!) It’s an amazing deal, considering most people won’t think twice forking over $50-$100 for a conventional fragile brass lighter.

How To Get SurvivaLighter

Now that you are aware of this amazing tool, and its limited time promotion, here is how to get it:

1) Select your state below to see if they’re still available in your region.

2) Claim Your discount from the official website.

3) Enjoy your nearly indestructible plasma lighter!

UPDATE: Limited Stock Remaining. Check for Availability

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